Saturday, April 2, 2011

the defeat(මාර පරාජය)

indeed 275 was a handsome total to fight with, but it was all about the performance of the day, they were pretty accurate in their balling, sizzling fielding & outstanding with the bat.So after all it's nothing to doubt that , India deserves that stunning victory.BUT..................
When we were the runners up last time we were proud about that, but this time we are shamed ,Because last time we were defeated by a cricketting nation(at least the crowd,if not the players) , but indians are no where there,Now they will start offering "laddu" to the portraits of the cricketers, & @ the next defeat they will not hesitate to slang "maadher cho**"   At least now indian crowd should realise that it is a game,Game is played for the game.
Our population is just about 2 crores,& that of india is more than 121 crores,which certainly implies a logic ,rather a fact ,that among indians there should be 60 Sangas,60 Muralis etc...but there is no,.. or in other words being the smallest country of this tournament we are really really proud about us.
And , yes one more point to raise, the victorious is given 66 crores lkr, which i was shoked to hear, it is really a tiny prize, i'm damn sure that  by telecasting the match TV channels individually earned in multiples of that.(even "kaluthara raththaran" managed  300 or 3000 crores!)
gud luck lions,   

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